Dental care

Children's dental care under agreement between Icelandic Health Insurance (IHI) and the Icelandic Dental Association.

General dental and orthodontic treatment for persons between 18 and 66 years of age is not covered by the insurance.  However, in case of congenital defects, accidents or illness or in case of an invalidity pensioner there is a partial reimbursement of the costs. Dental treatment provided to children and adolescents under the age of 18 is reimbursed by the insurance. There is also a partial reimbursement of orthodontic care for persons under age 21. Dental treatment is partially reimbursed for people over 66 years and old age or invalidity pensioners. The reimbursement of dental costs is in accordance with a standard tariff issued by the Ministry of Welfare. Private dentists charge for their services according to their own tariff.

Children's dental care

An agreement between Icelandic Health Insurance and the Icelandic Dental Association on children's dental care entered into force 15 May 2013. Children's dental care is fully paid by IHI except for an annual appointment charge of 2.500- kr. at the beginning of each 12-month period. The condition for IHI's payment contribution is registration of a family dentist in the Benefits portal.

Goal of the agreement

The goal of the agreement is for children under 18 to receive necessary dental services, regardless of parents' finances. It is also hoped that the agreement will lead to children's dental health becoming equal to the best dental care in the Nordic countries.

Necessary to register a family dentist

According to the agreement the condition for IHI's payment contribution is that a child is registered with a family dentist. The registration is a simple procedure, and parents/caretakers can register their children in the Benefits portal, and can choose a dentist from a list of those who are parties to the agreement. Access to the Benefits portal is assured with electronic ID or a password from tax authorities. See more information here.

A family dentist's role includes calling children in for regular check-ups as required by each child, but no less often than every other year. The dentist also sees to preventive measures and the necessary dental care. The goal is that all children shall receive necessary dental services, and that children's dental health shall be equal to the best dental care in the Nordic countries.

Important to make an appointment before 18th birthday

Please note that the right to services under the agreement is cancelled on the person’s 18th year old birthday. 



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