Benefits portal

How to log into the Benefits portal

You will need to have either electronic ID, or Ice-key (Íslykill). If you do not have an Ice-key you can apply for it, by entering your Icelandic ID number (kennitala) and the Ice-key will be sent to your online bank or by post to your legal residence. You will have to change the Ice-key after you use it for the first time into something you will remember.

Click here for the Benefits portal 

What information is in the Benefits portal?

The Benefits portal contains information about all health insurance benefits in Iceland.

That includes:

Health insurance status

Medical care – Discount status

Assistive technology and nutrition

Apply for sickness benefits

Apply for the European Health Insurance Card - EHIC

Apply for provisional certificate replacing the EHIC

Confirmation of insurance for travelling

Overview of medical expenses

Register a family dentist for children

Register at a clinic (Heilsugæsla) and choose a general practitioner




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