Moving from Iceland

If you are moving away from Iceland it is important to unregister your legal residence at the Registers Iceland.

To transfer your insurance period, you need to unregister at the Registers Iceland, see above, and register in you new country and that country sends request to the Icelandic Health Insurance for S041 (former E-104). So individuals do no longer obtain that document themselves.

For further information please contact us at [email protected]

Moving from Iceland to study in another country

If you are moving to another country to study you have the right to keep your insurance with the Icelandic Health Insurance. Please contact [email protected] for further information.

Pensioner from Iceland

If you are receiving pension, elderly or disability, from Iceland and moving to another EEA country you can apply for S1 document. See more information here.


Working abroad for an Icelandic company

If your employer sends you to work in another country for a limited time you need to apply for A1 document with the Social Insurance Administration. After A1 document has been issued, the Icelandic Health Insurance will issue S1 document.




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