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Children's dental care under new agreement between Icelandic Health Insurance (SÍ) and the Icelandic Dental Association (TFÍ)

An agreement between Icelandic Health Insurance and the Icelandic Dental Association on children's dental care entered into force 15 May. Children's dental care will be fully paid by SÍ except for an annual appointment charge of ISK 2500. A prerequisite of SÍ's payment contribution is registration of a family dentist in Rights Gateway - My Pages.

On 11 April 2013 an agreement was signed between Icelandic Health Insurance (SÍ) and the Icelandic Dental Association (TFÍ) on dental services for children and youths under the age of 18. The agreement covers dentists practising general dental care for children. It entered into force last 15 May and remains in force through 30 April 2019.

Goal of the agreement

The goal of the agreement is for children under 18 to receive necessary dental services, regardless of parents' finances. It is also hoped that the agreement will lead to the dental health of children in Iceland becoming the equal of the best dental care in the Nordic countries.


Under a regulation (Opens in a new browser window) signed 13 May 2013 by the minister of welfare, children's dental care will be fully paid by SÍ except for an appointment fee of ISK 2500 that will be paid at the beginning of each 12-month period.

Introduction of the system

In the beginning the agreement will cover 15-, 16- and 17-year-old children. On 1 September 2013 children, aged 3, 12, 13 and 14 will be added. The agreement will cover all children in stages; see the stages below. The children not covered immediately by the agreement will continue having a right to payment contribution for dental costs in accordance with the reimbursement tariff of Icelandic Health Insurance. 

The introduction process is shaped by the fact that the problem is greatest in the oldest age groups. It is important for all youths to have good dental health by the age of 18.

Children having difficult social circumstances

The agreement also covers children with acute problems, living under difficult social circumstances even though they do not fall within the above age limits.

Necessary to register a family dentist

As of 1 June 2013, under the agreement a prerequisite for SÍ's payment contribution will be that a child is registered with a family dentist. The registration is a simple procedure, and parents/caretakers can register their children in the Rights Gateway –  My Pages (Opens in a new browser window), and can choose a dentist from a list of those who are parties to the agreement. Access to the Rights Gateway is assured with electronic ID or a password from tax authorities, and it will be possible to choose between family dentists as of 15 May.

A family dentist's role includes calling children in for regular check-ups as required by each individual, but no less often than every other year.   The dentist also sees to preventive measures and the necessary dental care. The goal is that all children shall receive necessary dental services, and that children's dental health shall equal to the best available in the Nordic countries.

Important to make an appointment before 18th birthday

Please note that the right to services under the agreement is cancelled when a person turns 18 (on the individual's birthday). It is therefore important for those planning to utilise these services and turning 18 in the first weeks after the agreement enters into force to make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.

Electronic communications

In parallel with the agreement on dental care for children being signed, an agreement entails electronic communications for invoice information between SÍ and dentists because of services for individuals with health insurance. The agreement will simplify accounting between SÍ and dentists and make all communications more efficient. Dentists are intended to submit invoices electronically to SÍ as of the start of next year.

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