Welcome to Icelandic Health Insurance

Who is insured?

Everyone who has been legally resident in Iceland for six months automatically becomes a member of the Icelandic social insurance system, regardless of nationality. This applies unless intergovernmental treaties say otherwise.

Residence generally means domicile as defined in the Act on Domicile, and length of residence is therefore based on registration in Þjóðskrá (The National Registry).

How to get in touch with us:

Our Service Centre is open Mondays-Fridays from 10:00-15:00.

Address: Vínlandsleið 16, 150 Reykjavík.

Phone: 515 0000

E-mail: sjukra@sjukra.is

How social insurance is funded

Social insurance in Iceland is financed by the State Treasury. Individuals do not pay special premiums for their social insurance; instead, employers pay premiums to the State Treasury on all paid wages. The funds collected by these means are used, among other things, to finance social insurance.

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