Working in Iceland

EEA citizens

Posted to work in Iceland

If you are an EEA citizen you are insured in the country where you work. If your employer wants to send you to work in Iceland for a limited time (less than 12 months) you should get a form A1 which certifies that you remain covered by the legislation of the previous country. You or your employer may obtain the form from a competent institution in the country where you are coming from. If the duration of the work in Iceland exceeds 12 months because of unforeseen circumstances, you can apply for an extension of the posting period up to 12 more months.

As a rule, the social security legislation of the country in which you are insured, entitles you to have the same rights and obligations as nationals of that country.

To get medical assistance in Iceland you can use your European Health Insurance Card or ask your country of insurance for S1 document to obtain health insurance in Iceland.

See more information about postal work in Iceland at

Working for an Icelandic company

A person that was insured in another EEA country before moving to Iceland can apply for health insurance from the day their legal residence is registered in Iceland. 

Please fill out the form Application for health Insurance and send it with all necessary documents to:

Icelandic Health Insurance
International department
Vínlandsleið 16
113 Reykjavik

or by email: [email protected]

See more information about qualification for health insurance here.

Non EEA citizens moving from another EEA country and everyone moving from a country outside of the EEA.


Citizens from a country outside of the EEA and everyone who is moving to Iceland from a country outside of the EEA cannot apply for health insurance from the day they register their legal residence. They will have to wait for 6 months, counting from the day their legal residence is registered in Iceland. It is advised to buy private insurance for this 6 months waiting period. Medical assistance can be obtained but must be paid in full. Those who have private insurance can apply for reimbursement from their insurance company according to their rules.

If you are moving to Iceland from another Nordic country you can apply for health insurance according to the Nordic convention on social security.

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