Tourists in Iceland

Temporary stay in Iceland

EEA citizens

All insured persons from member states of the EEA must bring the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for use in Iceland. Insured persons from other Nordic countries can bring their EHIC or other confirmation of insurance.

Insured persons from another EEA country are entitled to health care which become necessary on medical grounds during a temporary stay in Iceland, taking into account the nature of the health care and the expected length of the stay.

They must present the EHIC and personal identification papers. A fee, to be paid for each consultation, and other services, is fixed by a regulation. Persons who present valid EHIC will be charged the same fee as persons insured in Iceland. If necessary documents are not presented they will be charged the full costs of the treatment according to tariffs.

If an insured person who follows these rules is nevertheless charged for the full cost of the medical care given he/she can seek reimbursement by turning to (1) the main office of Icelandic Health Insurance or (2) the insurance institution in their home country of insurance.

All original bills, receipts of payment, EHIC and personal identification papers must be presented. The amount reimbursed is the difference between the full cost of the medical care given and the patient´s fee, according to tariffs. 

Non-EEA citizens

Those who are not covered by the EEA regulations can obtain medical assistance but must pay in full. They can then seek reimbursement from their own insurance in their country of origin or from their private insurance, according to rules and regulations applicable in their insurance country.

Health services

Emergency number: Call 112

General Practitioner

Health care can be obtained by visiting a health care center (Heilsugæslustöð) during opening hours. If it is an emergency please go to the emergency units at hospitals.

Specialist treatment

You can seek treatment without prior consultation at a health care center. The patient will be charged for the consultation. If it is necessary, taking into account the nature of the health care and the expected length of the stay, the doctor will ask you for a copy of your EHIC to be able to charge you for the consultation as an insured person. 


Medicine is obtained at pharmacies (Apótek). A medical prescription written by a doctor who has a doctor's license within the EEA must be presented.. The person will then be charged full cost for the medicine, according to the type of the medicine. To get reimbursement for the medicine, if there is co-payment, the person will have to apply for it by sending the invoice and receipt of payment to Icelandic Health Insurance or their insurance institute in their insurance country.


Children under the age of 18 years, person over the age of 66 years, or disability pensioners can obtain reimbursement of dental treatment from the state health insurance. There is a partial reimbursement for these groups. The bill must be paid in full and reimbursement sought at the local office of the Icelandic Health Insurance. The patient must present the invoice and the EHIC and in case of pensioners a document proving that the patient is a pensioner.

Hospital Treatment

In emergencies, patients may be admitted immediately to the hospital serving as the emergency hospital at the time. The EHIC must be presented. Generally there is no charge for in-patient treatment.

Ambulance Transportation

Call emergency number 112 for an ambulance. There is a fixed charge if the EHIC is presented. Otherwise the person must pay the full cost. 

Dialysis, oxygen therapy & chemotherapy

Your EHIC covers the provision of dialysis, oxygen and chemotherapy. It is important to arrange and pre-book medical treatment before you come to Iceland. To be able to use the EHIC you must book your treatment with a state-funded health care provider.

For dialysis contact: Landspitali University Hospital, Dialysis unit, Eiríksgata 5, 101 Reykjavik. Tel: +354 543 6311, Fax: +354 543 4806 and email: [email protected]  

For oxygen therapy contact: Landspitali University Hospital, Unit 3-A, Eiríksgata 5, 101 Reykjavik. Tel: +354 543 6049, Fax: +354 543 6019 and email [email protected]

How to get in touch with us:

Our Service Centre is open Mondays-Fridays from 10:00-15:00.

Address: Vínlandsleið 16, 105 Reykjavík.

Phone: 515-0000

E-mail: [email protected]




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