Personal Data Protection

Elsa Gísladóttir is IHI´s data protection officer (DPO). You can contact our DPO by email: [email protected] or by phone: +345 515 0000.

If you intend to send documents with personal data, or other sensitive information to our DPO you should send them through our secure web-portals on Þjónustugáttir SÍ (my pages). 

  • ·For individuals choose Réttindagátt: Senda skjöl til SÍ (send documents to IHI), Rafræn skil á skrá (electronic files),Tegund skila (type of documents): Persónuvernd og beiðnir um aðgengi að gögnum. 

  •  For health providers, agents and others choose Gagnagátt. Skjalaskil (send documents to IHI), Rafræn skil á skrá (electronic files), Tegund skila (type of documents): Persónuvernd.

More information about the processing of personal data by IHI and data protection can be found in IHI Privacy Policy for individuals: iHI Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy IHI

Processing of personal data during the application process




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