Health Insurance Abroad

Travelling to countries within the EEA/EU and Switzerland

EEA citizens

When travelling to a country within the EEA it is important to take the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you. The EHIC covers medical care that becomes necessary during a stay in another EEA country, considering the nature of the medical care and the expected length of the stay.  See more information here.

If you did not present the EHIC while receiving medical care you can apply for reimbursement with IHI when you come back to Iceland.

Private health care providers do not accept the EHIC. If you have had medical service from a private health provider you will have to pay the full cost and apply for reimbursement with IHI.

Citizens from a country outside of EEA

Citizens from a country outside of EEA who are health insured in Iceland are not eligible for EHIC. Instead they apply for confirmation of insurance when travelling. They will have to pay for necessary medical care in full and apply for reimbursement from IHI when arriving back to Iceland.

See more information about reimbursement here.

Travelling to countries outside of EEA/EU and Switzerland

When travelling to a country outside of the EEA and Switzerland a person can obtain a confirmation of insurance from IHI. It confirms that the person is health insured in Iceland and what is covered under the insurance. All medical costs need to be paid by the insured person before applying for reimbursement from IHI. To be able to get part of the costs reimbursed the person need to send an application along with original invoice and receipt of payment. The IHI can require all documents to be translated to English or Icelandic.

It is important to know that most credit card companies offer insurance when plain tickets are bought with credit cards. 

In cases when medical cost is very high and the person is unable to pay upfront and then apply for reimbursement afterwards we advise you to contact the International department of IHI, [email protected] or by phone +354 515 0002.




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